The First Step

This is the beginning of a journey, a blogging journey, that will be delving into what I learn, experience and discover about using ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in Education.

There are many others along on this journey starting up their own similar blogs, some diving into the unknown, blogging for the first time (it isn’t that scary, really, I promise) and others, myself included, hoping to extend on what they already have some knowledge of.

Now, I have been out of the learning, well learning in a studious, focused way, zone. I have been off on adventures and learning about different things, some things that amazingly are pretty connected to the topic of this whole blog … technology and education.

So now I have made that first step in my journey, a journey that will hopefully it will be filled with many more steps (all in a forwards direction) that include a lot of thought provoking (hmmm), wordy (ahh), grammatically correct (bit of an ask there) posts that aren’t too boring and are filled with useful … stuff.


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